What is an RRG?

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The CrossFit Risk Retention Group is designed to be the first line of defense for the entire CrossFit community.

What is an RRG?

We're a CrossFit community owned Insurance company.  We provide insurance by the CrossFit community for the CrossFit community.


CrossFit RRG

The CrossFit RRG represents our strength and initiative as a community and is designed to:

  • Protect all of us from potentially devastating lawsuits or attacks against our program, our affiliates and our trainers.
  • Take aggressive action in the defense of our reputation.
  • Discourage lawsuits against CrossFit by creating a formidable defensive barrier.

Trainers working exclusively at an affiliate gym are covered by the affiliate's policy. Independent trainers can get coverage:

Need the details? Want to know more about CrossFit RRG? Visit our FAQs. Sold on CrossFit RRG already? Fill out our affiliate application and get started:

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