Premium Reductions and Discounts Announced

Effective June 1, 2014, CrossFit Risk Retention Group Inc.

Article posted Thu, June 26, 2014

CrossFit Risk Retention Group: 2013 Update

Over 30 percent of CrossFit affiliates in the U.S.

Article posted Wed, April 09, 2014

CrossFit RRG: We've Got Your Back

Video posted Thu, January 09, 2014

Renew Your Insurance While the Class Warms Up

Renewing your CrossFit RRG insurance is so quick and easy, you can do it while your class warms...

Video posted Wed, January 08, 2014

RRG Offers Reduced Rate for Garage Gyms

As of January 1, 2013, the CrossFit RRG began charging garage gyms a reduced rate of $800 per...

Article posted Mon, January 14, 2013

What is an RRG?

The CrossFit Risk Retention Group is designed to be the first line of defense for the entire...

Video posted Tue, September 04, 2012

The CrossFit RRG's Significance

In this 2009 interview, Dale Saran, the General Counsel of CrossFit, discusses the importance...

Video posted Tue, January 01, 2013

CrossFit Kids Coverage Included

CrossFit Kids Coverage is available for all affiliates.

Article posted Thu, January 03, 2013

Start Here

Greetings from Last Chance Gulch! *

The CrossFit RRG represents our strength and initiative as a community. The CrossFit RRG provides all of the insurance coverages required in your license agreement with CrossFit HQ (CFHQ). It also provides the coverage needed for CrossFit Kids and commercial lease agreements. For boxes earning under $125,000 a year, your insurance premium will be $1,185 annually.


Get started:



  1. Fill out our application
  2. Read and accept the quote
  3. Purchase stock, pay premiums and fees
  4. Join the CrossFit RRG community

The application takes 20 minutes to complete.

Premium for affiliates is typically the $1,185 minimum premium for the first year plus fees and can be financed. The one-time stock purchase can be made in an initial installment of $350 with the $650 balance due at renewal.



  1. Fill out our application
  2. Purchase stock, pay premiums and fees
  3. Join the CrossFit RRG community

The application takes 10 minutes to complete.

Premium for trainers is $200 annually plus $200 for the one time stock purchase. If you are an affiliate owner, a trainer policy will not satisfy the needs of HQ or your business.


* the RRG's business address is 800 North Last Chance Gulch, Helena, Montana


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